Hardware & Networking

Soekris Net4801 firewall with OpenBSD

Here I chronicle my experience in getting OpenBSD up and running on my new Soekris box.

Soekris Net4801 firewall with Debian Linux

I managed to PXEBoot the Debian installer and install a full Debian system onto a CompactFlash card.

NetBSD on a PowerMac 5500

Installation on this particular model is a little confusing. I hope to clarify the steps involved.

"Kerberizing" my network

not started

setting up LDAP services

not started

NetBSD on a Sega Dreamcast

This is an old project. I plan on re-doing it, since there have been some pretty major advances in the Dreamcast port of NEtBSD since I last touched it.


My Ever-so-useful .vimrc

I never have this handy.

A Droplet to Create an ISO File in MacOS X < 10.4

A handy AppleScript Droplet I made because creating ISO files that were readable by PCs in 10.2 and 10.3 was much more effort than one would expect.

A Program to Find the Vendor of a Wireless Network Interface

What to do on a boring bus ride? Why, war-bus'ing, of course!